Steve Callahan: A Story of Survival

Steve Callahan: A Story of Survival
January 30, 2018 nuvistafl

Steve Callahan
Sometimes, a story comes along that you just have to share. These stories often offer perspective and give you the sense that no matter what life throws at you, you should always strive to survive!

This is the story of Steve Callahan, a U.S. cult hero.

There comes a time in every young boy’s life when they think about building a boat and sailing off into the sunset for the adventure of a lifetime. For most, this dream never becomes a reality but for one young boy, it did. However, like some dreams, you are only one step away from a nightmare.

When Steve Callahan set sail from the Canary Islands to the Bahamas – this sailing nut, naval architect and inventor were living out his lifelong dream. Alone aboard his self-built yacht, Steve cast his lines to cross the Atlantic.

The first week was everything he had hoped for but on the seventh day, Steve found himself in deep turmoil. His boat was savagely ripped apart in a huge collision and had started to take on water. With limited means of communication Steve abandoned ship and sought refuge in a life raft he managed to inflate just in time to watch his beloved boat sink into the abyss.

In a moment of clarity, Steve salvaged what he could from the wreck and held up in the life raft. With no radio and no flares, Steve resigned himself to the fact that his only hope was to hit land or be found by chance. In total, he spent 76 days at sea, adrift on the equatorial current and losing hope.

Within a matter of weeks, Steve had eaten all his food supplies and turned to the spear gun he had saved from the boat to catch fish. Fortunately, he turned out to be a natural, catching an abundance of fish including mahi-mahi, tiger fish and flying fish.

Steve managed to survive on this diet of raw fish for the remainder of his time aboard the raft but spearfishing in an inflatable raft proved to be just like throwing stones in a glass house. On more than one occasion the spear broke causing huge tears in the underside of the raft. Somehow Steve was able to fix the damage and it stayed afloat but it was not going to last and Steve felt more imperiled than ever. Time was running out.

On day 76 Steve saw land for the first time in over two months. As he got closer he began to see boats leaving the harbor and soon he was picked up by some fisherman off the coast of Guadeloupe who took him to a local hospital. Steve discharged himself on the same day he arrived and was soon island hopping on local boats along the Caribbean Islands in a true display of his love for the ocean and his dedication to his quest.

Imagine yourself in Steve’s position and think for a moment; how would you survive? One thing is for sure, your repair kit better is good and it better contains a roll of Healit Marine tape for all those moments of spear gun madness!