People Power: Discovering an Emerald in the Field

People Power: Discovering an Emerald in the Field
March 14, 2017 nuvistafl

An Emerald in the Field

My name is Perry M. Perlman. I am almost 70 years old and a rehab patient at what I could only describe as a ‘medical resort’. I am recovering from spinal surgery and I am also being treated for a blocked dorsalis pedis artery.

Having suffered with ill health for a while, the last thing I needed was another institution that fell short on providing me with the medical assistance I needed. Recovering from surgery is hard enough without having to worry about getting the most out of your care provider too.

I must admit, I have been supremely lucky this time. If it were not for Doctor Stewart Eidelson, alias: ‘fantastic Orthopedic Surgeon’, I most likely would have ended up at some substandard rehab center that lacks more than just medical assistance. Instead and with eternal thanks to Doctor ‘save my life’ Eidelson, I ended up at NuVista Living’s® center in Wellington, Florida. All I can say is…WOW!

After being transported by the NuVista Living® team to their beautifully landscaped property, I was escorted to an architectural structure that I could best describe as a ‘resort’ or ‘fancy hotel’. However, in spite of the grand exterior, it wasn’t what was on the outside that impressed me most. No. What impressed me most was what I found on the inside!

On arrival, I was personally greeted by a member of the NuVista Living® team, who introduced me to the facility and talked me through what I could expect during my stay. I am now three days in and still I have nothing less than a thousand kudos for all of the many pleasant professionals that work here.

In the past few days I have eaten like I am dining in a fine restaurant, been given a PT regime which is tailored to my specific needs and taken care of in the most courteous manner. All of the nurses have been diligent in providing their services and the doctors have a very warm bedside manner that lessens the stress and worry that I have so regularly experienced elsewhere.

Now, I am not a professional critic wandering the state in search of a rehabilitation center that fits my needs. I am a recovering patient in search of better health who was fortunate enough to discover a great physician who helped me to find this wonderful rehab center. I can’t thank the staff enough. While I would like to single people out, I know that all the staff take great pride in what they do at NuVista Living®.

To those who have helped me so far at NuVista Living® Wellington, thank you. To those that I know will help me in the future, thanks in advance.

Here, at NuVista, I am on my way to PT in pursuit of better health…see you later!

– Perry M. Perlman