About Us

NuVista Living®️ – Completely Inspired Care

Our Mission

NuVista Living®️ is dedicated to improving the landscape of modern healthcare delivery. We are committed to providing a dignified and high quality healthcare experience for our clients and their families.

By employing world-class staff and using the most innovative technologies and approaches, NuVista Living®️ is able to proudly offer an unrivaled level of excellence to every client we serve.

Our Values

Integrity: Delivering a fully integrated value based health care system.

Connectedness: Reimagining how healthcare services are valued, produced and received by incorporating multidisciplinary and vertically integrated healthcare organizations.

Simplicity: Removing barriers to healthcare by delivering a diverse suite of fully integrated solutions.

Responsibility: Delivering high performing and regionally customized networks of accountable and responsive healthcare services.

Accountability: Delivering measurable healthcare solutions that drive maximum efficiency and optimal outcomes.

Welcome to NuVista Living®️

The founders of NuVista Living®️ have dedicated their lives to operational excellence in the field of rehabilitation and recovery. Integrity and compassion are at the heart of our committed organization and dedicated leadership.

World-Class, Client Focused, Coordinated Care

NuVista Living®️ creates customized programs of care designed to enhance your rehabilitation and healthcare experience. We believe in individuals and listening to all our clients’ needs.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to achieving best practice in rehabilitation and recovery. Our pioneering directors have created a network of interconnected services that ensure comfort for both body and mind.

For NuVista Living®,️ rehabilitation begins with creating the right environment and peace of mind for our clients. From our clinical team who deliver expert care, to our activities coordinators who produce engaging events – we are all here to help you succeed.

Recover in Style

Our facilities were built to provide our clients with a home away from home and we place you at the center of our world. You can recuperate well with the knowledge that our 24 hour care team and wellness directors are working tirelessly to give you a warm and compassionate experience in an environment where people truly care.

What Makes NuVista Living®️ Different?

Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We treat everyone as individuals and create rehabilitation programs that reflect our belief in the unique requirements of each and every one of them.

Through greater understanding and better communication, NuVista Living®️ offers the best care environment possible and delivers the best care experience imaginable.

Our Vision For Healthcare

– Wellness Programs
– Innovative Patient Care Solutions
– Pre-Surgical Preparation & Planning
– Care Transitions Program
– Medically Complex and Rehabilitative Care
– Outpatient Rehabilitation
– Assisted Living
– Home Healthcare
– Patient Education Programs

Our People

The founders of NuVista Living®️ are people who have dedicated their lives to operational excellence in the field of rehabilitation and recovery. Integrity lies at the heart of our committed organization which aims to engage, inform and inspire our clients. As industry leading specialists, Elizabeth, Stephen and Paul respect their clients and understand the challenges they face. We bring skilled and trusted medical and social support professionals together in a unique network of care. You can expect your bespoke integrated care team to focus on delivering rehabilitative care that restores your independence.

Our Facilities


NuVista Living®️ at Wellington Green specializes in rehabilitation, assisted living and comprehensive home care. Whether you are in need of inpatient services or outpatient rehabilitation, NuVista has a program to meet your needs.


NuVista Living®️ at Jupiter is the newest of our facilities and specializes in rehabilitation, assisted living and memory care. Our unique ECO-SYSTEM enables our partners to lead the nation in healthy, innovative solutions for our residents.

We’re always listening, we pride ourselves on it.

You can call us or use the form on the contact us link below for questions or comments.

We would love to talk to you about how our programs and services could best work for you and your family and are always happy to show you around or arrange a visit.

NuVista Living®️ at Wellington Green: 561.795.3360

We look forward to hearing from you.