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  • Oct312016
    Bowl of Sugar

    12 Ingredients That Cause Dementia And Alzheimer’s

    There is no denying that food affects the body and the mind. Our modern day diet, which we think is…

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  • Oct242016
    Q10 chart

    What Is The Deal With CoQ 10? Click here to find out!

    There’s a new nutrient on the block, and you’ve probably never heard of it! We’re talking about coQ10, also known…

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  • Oct172016
    Licorice Root

    The Health Benefits Of Licorice You Have Never Heard Of!

    When most people think of licorice, they probably think of candied sweets. But did you know that for most of…

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  • Oct102016
    Colon Cancer

    Colon Cancer: How to Reduce your Risk!

    Colon and rectal cancers are some of the most common forms of cancer worldwide. In the United States, colorectal cancer…

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